Making an application

Application is through a single admission process via UCAS for all Post Graduate Teacher education and Training.

We will begin accepting applications once UCAS opens and our selection process will be ongoing until we either fill our places or until the process is closed on the UCAS website. Details of interview dates will be communicated to applicants in due course.  We encourage applicants to apply as early as possible.

Ilsham Church of England Academy is our Lead school, but this does not mean that you will necessarily be working at Ilsham so please do not contact them directly regarding queries or entry applications.

Once submitted, your application is ‘held’ by UCAS until your referees have submitted their references.  Once they have done this, your application is forwarded to us and we will consider whether to offer you an interview or not.  We will do this within 40 working days.


You will be asked to supply 2 references. These should be from professional referees.  One from your current employer if working (or last employer if not) and a school experience reference if applicable.

Academic references if applicable within the last 3 years.

You must be able to supply hard copies of references at interview if requested and you will need to provide original certification regarding numeracy, literacy and any degree (s) if awarded.

If you’ve been successfully invited to interview you’ll come along to one of our alliance schools and spend half a day with us. There will be an introduction about what we offer and there will be an opportunity for us to observe you interact with children and also with your peers. There will also be a written literacy and numeracy test alongside a formal interview.

Apply via UCAS Email us Telephone us
Apply via UCAS  Email:

Telephone: 01626 248793